As Octopus challenges WeChat

pay back and Alipay, will the battle for Hong Kong taxis break new ground in a cash-reliant trade?
But in the end of final yr, mainland e-payment operators WeChat Spend and Alipay began to crack the sector, with QR code-based payments which have proved successful in mainland China. The battle for market supremacy hotted up when Hong Kong?¡¥s Octopus ¡§C makers of your city?¡¥s near-ubiquitous stored-value travel card ¡§C started employing QR codes way too, hoping to win above cabbies attracted because of the cards?¡¥ popularity.
How can you pay out Hong Kong taxi fares? The exclusive right for alipay hong kong will last for one year before three additional providers are added in mid-2021.
Until the end of last 12 months, the only way to spend taxi fares in Hong Kong was cash, unless you used a taxi-hailing app and also the driver was signed up to it. But things are changing. Now WeChat pay back, Alipay and Octopus are all vying to indicator up as many local cabbies as they can. And taxi-hailing cell apps such as HK Taxi, Didi Hong Kong and SynCab let passengers shell out by credit card.
New app allows passengers to pay back their cab fare with Octopus card

The exclusive right for alipay hong kong will last for one year before three additional providers are added in mid-2021.

How receptive are neighborhood taxi drivers to these e-payment methods? The exclusive right for alipay hong kong will last for one year before three additional providers are added in mid-2021.
Not very. passengers still mostly have to reach for their wallets instead of smartphones to settle cab fares. Far more than one,000 taxis experienced signed up for WeChat Spend HK by December while far more than 1,500 experienced chosen Alipay, in keeping with the two providers. Earlier this month Octopus explained far more than 1,000 drivers experienced signed up to its app. But even taken together, those figures are a fraction on the city?¡¥s eighteen,163 taxis. The exclusive right for alipay hong kong will last for one year before three additional providers are added in mid-2021.
Alipay is actually a unit of Ant Money Services Team, an affiliate of Alibaba Group Holding, which owns the South China Early morning post.


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 The bed in the bedroom

 is the largest furniture in the space, so the placement of the bed is very important, and the position should be placed in order to make the space reasonable. The bed can be placed by the window or against the wall. By the window, the window can be designed to move and push the shape so that it will not be affected during use. It can also be paired with a blind blind with good shading performance, so it will not affect sleep.

  2, symmetric placement

  The furniture in the small bedroom can also be placed in a symmetrical manner, mainly centered on the bed. The bed is placed against the wall and the other furniture is placed side by side with the bed. The wardrobe is placed on one side, and the desk and desk are placed on the other side. The overall look is more concise and spacious. Basically, most of the small-sized bedrooms are suitable for this.

  How to put furniture in the bedroom? Doing so doubles your home area

  3, grouping method

  Grouped furniture placement is common in large bedrooms, but it can be used in small bedrooms. The bed can be designed as a tatami, and the bookcase and wardrobe are placed on the tatami. It is also possible to design the wardrobe to be larger, embed the bed in the middle of the wardrobe, and the writing desk, desk, etc. are designed on the side of the wardrobe, and the connection is very space-saving.

  4, remove unnecessary furniture

Scientists have discovered

  that a small plastic ball can knock hard solid aluminum plates into dozens of centimeters of craters, so the impact is powerful. When an asteroid hit the gulf of Mexico 65 million years ago, the earth was covered by a cloud of dust, and the earth suddenly cooled into a snowball. In 1908, when an asteroid hit Russia's Siberia, a few square kilometers of the primeval forests disappeared, comet shoemaker-levy 1992 9 when Jupiter, a comet split up more than 20 pieces, each piece of debris on Jupiter form scar can hold the whole earth, and if any piece of debris falls on the earth, mankind will face extinction.

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  In addition, major astronomical disasters such as supernova explosions, cosmic ray bursts, and earth's magnetic pole reversals will push humans and all living things to the brink of extinction.

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  Explore a new world in space

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  Columbus discovered the new world more than 500 years ago, and 500 years later this new world has become the most developed country in the world. So it is with the exploration of the solar system. Scientists will continue to discover higher and farther "new world". Recently, the new horizons probe flew to pluto, showing a scene of "love." The discovery of a new world in the solar system is no less significant than the discovery of a new world 500 years ago.

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  In September, found that liquid water on Mars, scientists also found that the Martian atmosphere is very thick, ever likely to breed life, the future is not a dream, to Mars the rescue scenario is not science fiction, Mars is not far from the reality, humans will along to Mars, Mars, Mars and the veins of the Mars immigrants move forward step by step. Because Mars is the most earth-like planet in the entire solar system, the choice to go to Mars is not because Mars is beautiful, but to find a safe haven for the possible extinction of human beings. The discovery of a new earth-like planet by NASA has pushed the search for exoplanets one step further.

Mistakes while learning

There will be times when you have people above you (a boss) or even next to you (a coworker) that will get really irritated with you for "ruining" something "crucial". Errors are bound to happen when you have on your training wheels. Even if you make mistakes and get a slap on the wrist, persevere and push on. You do not need to be embarrassed for learning from your mistakes.
Food choices
People are different and have different taste buds. Whether it is healthy or not, food is a choice and it is a part of life. It is simply a personal choice that people make for their own reasons. You do not need to be embarrassed for food you do or do not like. Tell them, "It is a personal choice I have made, and I am committed to it."
Your past
Allowing positive experiences to define, confine, refine, and outshine you may cause you to be caught up in the past and unable to truly live in the present. Whether your history is positive, negative, or somewhere in between, don't hone in on the negative experiences and let it reflect your current behavior.
The cleanliness of your car/home/work space
When everyone gets in the car, you realize your Starbucks bag are still on the floor. So what? Think about it this way: everyone has a "messy" aspect of their life. Maybe their home is spotless, but the relationship with their spouse is messy. Someone's car gets washed once a week, but his/her work life could use some help. No one on Earth lives a perfectly "clean" life in every aspect. We don't apologize to others about our personal pitfalls. By being outwardly embarrassed, it only brings more attention to the fact!
Putting yourself first
If you find yourself saying no to something or making up lies to get out of it, tell them the truth, and don't apologize. You will feel much better in the long run if you are honest with them and yourself. If you're not up to a voluntary obligation, you don't have to be. You can politely deny the person's request. It is okay to be selfish from time to time. Put yourself first.

MI human heart

The tiny title, mud taste of warm air blowing across treetops, filled the quiet of the night sky, always want to let the memory reflection aftertaste up more perfect, just feel lonely let again how nostalgia of the past are filled with incomplete regret. The haggard look always in revealed faint, as if is a kind of spell. Think oneself clear can not take away a piece of clouds, or in the lonely, found his hand still clinging to the memories of the tail Se7en beauty.
Time of the water if Wan palm Fuguo your long hair Xirun, evoke the hidden terminals, missing color filling the entire pink March, revealed the secret of Ying Yan shy. The metamorphosis of concern in an instant you, once again clearly caught the whole emotional details, however, when hot eyes burning forever agreement; Autumn Moon become you question lies; hold the oath not to open in the spring ice melt. I see the happiness is like the spring breeze general, MI human heart, but hurried away......
Love has been put on fickle coat, once the agreed contract has expired forever failure, become the pretense of a language. Because I have a clear I, also clear the self pity me in your eyes. Because of love and c university researcherhange of self judgment is verytion of sublimated into a kind of conflict, perhaps this is the needs of all parties understand!
So, my world does not need because of the existence of each other and alter ego boundaries of friendship, even without any wish for my happiness coronation, because I am free, is lonely. Perhaps this is a beautiful regret, but I calm followed by yearning for true, without any conflict, without any regrets, but I'm happy to see the world through me, I was walking down the happy gym equipment hong kong......

and was admitted to the north

A while ago I watched Liu Tong wrote a book called "the youth who don't confused", today in listening to music radio, after reading his this book chapters anchorwoman, talked about most of the people in the youth is confused, who also don't know what the future of their own will...
Yeah, who's youth is not confused, just like me, although in most people attend to pursue postgraduate life, Dr Reborn in their opinion, our group's future may than other people more opportunities, more glory, however, their own now like in the sea voyage but lost the direction, is looking for the way out. Now as you pace yourself with, to test a certificate of qualification of teacher, usually on the Internet or learning CAD and various types of software, but do not know their own future will be what kind of comparison, really confused. In his book, I understand that although they lost, but each of them in the fight, may the purpose is not clear, however this does not affect their progress and improve themselves from various aspects, such as Liu Tong, he worked during the day, he wrote the words at night, he didn't want to survive only by writing books. The text as a vent their inner feelings of the tool, and later, he became famous, and his books then sold, this seemingly inadvertently deliberately. Although we are in the dark, but believe that as long as you work hard, you will live the life you want. If you don't work hard, always in the dilemma does not make any effort to get rid of it, after all, will stay there; work hard, even if the beginning may fail, but try, there is hope.
In fact, everyone's life is "crossing the river by feeling the stones Dr Reborn", nobody can tell you what the future is, nobody will understand guide your life the way, even if people do that would say you should so go and such, but it may not necessarily be right. Sometimes we have to follow the so-called success, but you will not them that way they go is not for you, your own life only their experience, is their own, this is called "fate". I believe in fate, I always like to put their experience to be decreed by fate, a volunteer as the college entrance examination, I with 2 difference with their report just miss the person or opportunity, and was admitted to the north, he likes everything to the north, and the awareness of the current boyfriend, and I was just graduate than the fraction line a high admitted to the graduate student, after this life, I put it down to "fate". Since it is decreed by fate, why go to the confusion it, go to face, all letting nature take its course!
Our youth may be confused, but as long as we have a grateful heart, optimistic and hard to face everything, that no venga when one so-called success one day, will have the life you want Dr Reborn!

how can God so good

Hey, have you ever thought about? You don't know and he, in the same place library looking for as his own to take a short rest book. Then, over the rows of looks identical bookshelves, into a hidden and quiet corner. You gradually slow dowacross the rows of books carefully selected. A casual look up, you suddenly find you and he has only one row of shelves in the distance, "who is he, his stature high, to see his hair through the gap to fourth rows of shadow wrong wrong, what he looks like......" You light h......" You light head, bypassing the imagination, tiptoe slowly out of books. Contrary to expectation, you also to draw out the relative books, see each other, like the TV series in the formulaic plot.


But, now I am experiencing the same plot, but we in the relative position, but no pumping out the relative position of the book, I was a little disappointed, slowly moves to the right, he also came with the tacit understanding, as well as about, I became excited, and with some nervous. I can hear my heartbeat became very quick, more quiet here seem ostentatious, some bold. I took a book at random at, enjoy this we are aware of each other but so calm space, heart like wings, in the heart very excited.
I love drag idol drama, but my love is not staring at the television or computer review again and again innocently, not day staring at the roof journeying fantasy. I know, I'm not a born beauty beauty, how can God so good? Throw down a pile of white horse prince, then, coincidentally, one or two accidentally hit me. I love the only idol drama throb, that will be some emotion only when they are young, it told me, I was still young, but, I just want to know my own.
Now, too like to be alone, or to say, too habit is one of the state. To a stranger, and doesn't like he disturbs the current state of their own. Acceptance and rejection, contradictions exist.
Then a minute later, just a minute, I want to remember this feeling, is free and easy to leave. Leave him he looked like the space bar, I don't want to be him alone disorder Dentist .