Embrace the sun


Life is like a watermelon growth, it needs the sun embrace; but again, enjoying the sun also must withstand the test of hot, glowing like a can not bypass the mountain, only across it, to accept the sun touch, taste the sweetness of life.

That is when I entered junior high school, I was curious about everything, all day long and students everywhere mad run, do not have to concentrate on learning. Soon, half of the exam is coming, a mad I was hurt in a complete mess. In a gloomy afternoon, I got my paper, painted with red fork, only a few inconspicuous red hook, in the upper right part of the papers, is the most prominent, the most humiliating Red 60, it all of a sudden I entered junior high school from the joy of playing. Without a trace. Then, I saw the sun is dark, not the usual bright, as if every trace of wind, every drop of rain in the ruthless laugh at my failurebadge maker.

In school, the teacher sincere words and earnest wishes to give me a lot of truth, but I did not listen, still persist in one's old ways, depressed for a few days will fail behind, continue and classmates crazy run. The third month examination, doomed to failure, face still full of red cross examination paper, my heart can not say there is a bitter, like a mountain down to choke. My class is not going to listen to, if it goes on like this, the final exam, is doomed to failure.

A sleepless night.

I lay in bed and toss about to for a long time, the heart is always not to 60 points, ring in the ear is the teacher's instruction, my heart cannot calm, hard in the morning, I want to see a Watch the sunrise.

I saw the sky has a small piece of red light, it should be the precursors of the sun rises, the light above is a piece of dark clouds, they seem to want to stop the rising sun. But the light is like a sword, pierce the clouds of the body, the sun from the horizon showed a bit. But immediately behind the clouds stayed. As the sun rises gradually, more and more clouds gather over here, look dark clouds to success, but at this time, a bright beam of light from a piece of sterile injection, followed by more light fall over each other to break up in an uproar,cloud backupthe clouds, the sun finally defeated the dark clouds, revealing its true face of Mount Lu.

Then I suddenly realized that what, but I can not use language to express.

Early morning, the students were surprised to find the usual late today I went into the classroom, and abnormally in learning. A window class deliberately looked West, estimated that he want to see today the sun is not out from the west. I do not care about these, my heart has been to the final.

With the goal of revenge, bearing in mind the teacher, parents asked, I sat in the final exams, the familiar problem, is the best for me in return, regardless of the score, I will not be discouraged, because I broke through the clouds bound, I embrace the beautiful sunshine.

Hard work pays off, my final grade compared with a step half, in this process, I learned a lot.

The next life, we will meet many clouds the road, we must use the sunshine of faith to overcome them. We can not rigidly adhere to the stage of failure, otherwise we will never say goodbye to my clouds,nable to embrace the beauty of the sun.