Happy Birthday


"Fifty friends, had a good birthday it ." Wife whispered side , side to consult with your eyes what I mean . I know his wife 's mind , but ten people live a hundred whole longevity, not to mention often run out together when rare. But I always felt within himself thirties , seem very aggressive in , but plainly written on a calendar year is 2013 . Often hear people say ; You can not look at this age . But then how to say it just like it, go home a lot of teens opening shout grandfather, listening to the awkward but also a reality , one can against the old , but the reality is relentless. 53 Cao Cao as " turtle although life" , wrote " Laojifuli high aspirations " , so ingenious people are already five years old he was innocent old men . No matter how self-comfort , five -year-old has entered the countdown of life , into six stages over five Ben , began a lifetime of winter hong thai travel .

I remember twenty years of age , was very troubled about the club , bought a bottle of wine color , would like a drunk unhappy solution . Wine is not more than half of people have been nonsense , feel free to boss . Nowadays people to fifty , and my heart can not tell what it's like children , do not want to face this cruel , but it can not hurt the wife of a heart. Birthday has always been an understatement , like a normal day , because people do not want to be reminded of years old and a one year old. Fine idea to ask his wife , the wife said to buy a piece of cake , right , let's do the bowl together .

Went ahead and engage in this thing at home wife and I have always been consistent , not for distribution to their busy since it naturally . Wife and face , and I'll roll , ready to face the rank and file together with the seasoning food code . Cold outside , inside the house warm and dense , perennial poly everything is scattered , the two together to make a great meal is met. Wife face shine, and out, past men hands , his mouth kept talking about her daughter who " embarrassments " , comes an interesting place, two people convulsed with laughter , tears in the eyes of the little wife , my heart is aching . Suddenly between two people are old, wife of temples is often white silk , but also the hair of my head no deposit . A small room has been filled with enough happiness , so many years I do not know myself why the bustle overseas property investment. Business lost more than a little difficult to rely on selling scrap when the newspaper to see change . Wife regrets , as one manage the house , give me encouragement when the good times , adversity to comfort me, over the years I have been accustomed to horrendous wife only knew a little busy myself that things rarely take into account the wife 's heart alone . Today to do meal , my wife actually happy to be so , returning to the kind of heartwarming involuntary let me go over, want to gently kiss his wife . Wife realized what turned and earn big dark eyes bright , suddenly pushed me , "shopping in Europe an old married couple , but also old trick " , turned around to continue chopping, was surprised to find a few drops tears fell down. Woman is made of water , watering will not dry . Looked at his wife 's vegetable knife knife , my eyes blurred. Also this is a winter , and soon met his wife walked along the side of the bare side of the road to talk . Tan Wufangzhai beef , all vegetarian vegetarian chicken , Xidan buns , a child eat spicy radish , can think of eating are a product of times . Suddenly thought of Donghua fried lump , my wife was shocked to hear " I was in twenty-seven in school, go there to eat fried knots, how come you have not ah ." Wife looked surprised naive way, my heart also so hot. Ever so valiant and heroic wife , are now slightly bloated somewhat senile . Years of relentless, enthusiastic , willing to work so hot, hot down forever .

Say happened that day winter sun warm , kowloon tourist attractions indoor spring, after his wife take good care , I brought back from overseas actually a flower bloomed on my birthday . Wrapped in the morning or afternoon full by then the petals , although the color of some cowardly , but in the winter there is also a strain flowers in room feel vitality. Laugh , talk Kankan , noticing day is gone, birthday dinner meal is ready , waiting for the return of his daughter from school . No friends, no decorate , under plates of raw vegetables , a pot of face halogen , bowl of leftover fried bean sauce , pull the curtains , put a gentle song, soft lighting , a person sitting at the table , and , and Mei Mei , dearly , as I had fifty birthday of life aberdeen asset management.

Rather solitary life because of a family , a couple and not just because there are children , one three , three for the public , mutual help association, mutual support. Saying: ate salt taste good , good family traveled the world . Although people may not know the destiny to fifty , birthday birthday noodles bowl , let me make known the taste of salt children .