Find a love of people, also love my people

Day, just one day past, and so, day after day.

A few days the mood one can imagine, every day looking at online he, but not a word of it. The five day Men clothing hk.....

I don't know he is the thing in the home, how, dare not speak to him.

Because I, let his home restless. She is very painful.

Regret is intertwined with me, let me heartache cannot the pain. The pain can not be hurt.

Why, they may not be a little cautious? Pick up the hair every day in the home, how to get there do not pick up? Window curtains? What all right to go to the bathroom?

Many things.

She's so cautious, these actions can see it?

The five day, he plays the game, on the Internet in the photograph, also did not contact me.

Once again I lost self, and again luxury travel Italy.

I don't know what you like him? He let a person feel not clear, can not see through, do not want to understand. I don't know, I how many positions in his mind?

Love the warmth, his lips are wet, soft, his back is very light, very delicate. Do Food, photography, and then a little talent.

I know, he and the people, a lot of difference. But one thing is very similar, passion. And he together with the same passion.

But I suddenly think, if a person can do together is a good choice.

Have a taste of life. The high quality of life.

Really want to have a family wishes, I really want to have a shoulder to depend on.

Just to happiness, so go in a hurry. Open your eyes,doctorate in business administration and what is lost.

Some people will never know, opened my eyes, what did not.

2014 may the heart of people, the elderly not to leave.

I want to settle down. I really want to. Find a love of people, also love my people.