There is a girl in the corridor

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doctorate degree in business

There is a girl in the corridor, mobile phone hold the mobile phone, sat down on the steps, curled up into a ball, with both hands holding his.

Street too dazzling, every day I can't sleep disturbance, I just used to turn off the light before going to bed every day Information Security.

I heard the voice of weeping, didn't feel scared, I subconsciously should clearly distinguish, she is a human being.

Perhaps the woman's intuition, perhaps because I was in such a night, just silently. I kind of wanted to hug her, shoulder and arms to her, let her feel my arms temperature.

The day is not too cold, but the floor is very cool.

Quietly I asked 1, classmates, are you okay.

Spit out two words she looked weak, okay.

I have not spoken, no lights. Heart with some worry walking back to the dormitory.

Feel no mood to sleep, very uncomfortable.

Took out a pad and pen, write a paragraph, classmates, I just want to tell you, no matter what is not, I know you must be very sad very sad, as long as you get past, will be better. teaching excellence note into her hand, patted her on the shoulder, I think I can do, only these.

I still can't sleep, pulled out of the dark side, I think everyone will have that moment. In addition to cry, but tears, never anything to express. The language is pale, the upper and lower body, have been weak, my heart is tired, alone, hiding in the corner, fragile and do not want to be familiar with the people know, but then you, and was in need of a shoulder can let you rely on.

In my opinion, such a situation, a stranger, silently give you support, or simply in two words or three, is the whole world was lit up.

But, I think so.

I a person, I hope so, at least let me, in the dark, a sense of belonging.

Because no one, so that when they met, more of a feeling, some perhaps is not normal behavior.

Wrote here, I opened the curtain to look, the corridor lights have been shut, the girl, should return to the dormitory.

My sleep was not strong.

I'm not gossip, and don't care the girl why so sad, I just think, perhaps everyone, all through this time.

Her this evening, will not be so easily fall asleep.

More than once said, life is so hard, some things just don't tear down.

Everyone is the same, must be experienced, can truly understand and look. No matter what happened, no matter what people.

To see a foreign books in the library, haven't finished reading, is it in the end.

Can't get you down, be brave to stand up, smile to go.

There will always be exported, waiting for you.

doctorate degree in business