It seems indeed there is such a saying

Recently do not know why, always have so a patterns in mind, always like to use the willing, to comment on the bitterness of heart. I don't remember mind is how to think of words like this, I always feel that everything now also is such a situation really, like it or not, this is what or what. Have the Spring Festival was a matter of joy. Don't know why, this year's new year my heart is always some can not be said to taste. I took my mother left home, hiding in the no acquaintance place quiet after the fifth day of the fifth moon came back. But when no one disturb the heart empty, seems to have lost the kind of open and clean. Even the evening sleep.

This year have the Spring Festival without father, without a son. Father in heaven, my heart always feel that heaven is cold. The first years of work have the Spring Festival son, when the unit on duty. Although the communication is very convenient, can always see the video. But no son in the side, I think this world is not strange taste. Strange to say, in fact the son from the first day of the University, I knew this day would come. So this day came, I would have never been a sense of loss. Also, if the day does not come, my heart also uncomfortable. Although I tell myself countless times, willing or not, the past will come. Like it or not, this is what or what.

Don't know is experienced too much, or because the experience is not enough. Suddenly I found a lot of things in my heart it is helpless and tacky. In the past the desired things today, but think that there is better than nothing. As a son, originally when reading performance has been very good, I was anxious for him to read a good school, who last he should read the national defense students go to school, army. I'm not saying the troops is not good, because I was in army life in a few years time. I just think that the development of the son should have better.

Things are not as they wish. Here also say, you would. Yes, take decades of life, how to experience seems to explain what the. Some people say that love, memories of the past, it is old. It seems indeed there is such a saying. I like recall now, not to say today is not good, but always feel the memories of the past can make the person.

Want to be a soldier of enormously proud of one's success, to when take an oath devoutly, as if into the army, I can realize one's ambition. In the end, so did not see, but the reality in the deep memory. Army life I like memories, because at that time, my life is the most simple, is also the most passionate. Unlike now, looks much more rational, in fact, is the life see through everything. Originally called hope, it seems today is nothing but some funny things. At the time, the most precious things in mind.

Now look, the ideal is the process from the beginning to fade. And dream about. Even when we dream that dream is the dream and reality, between many times without any. But we still like a dream, after all, dream many times can be mood. When my son got admission notice from the University, I am happy for a while. Be happy after I began to fidget, feel that the son send out, Is it right? Some too simple. Four years of university life, son to grow well. Go to work just two months, I talked to him, found that he is indeed growing, growing some make me some dare not to accept the.