The rain today


Set the alarm clock for six thirty this morning, rang, but I get up at six fifty in the morning is the morning, first thing is to boil water to make tea, today a fine snow, early morning Eastern Xia, the sun would come out, this morning only zero or low temperature, good, opened the stove to write diary, body warm headphone amp.

Today is the early morning rain solar term, cross section, the rain began not only to characterize the rainfall and the rainfall increases, and that increases in temperature. Before the rain, the weather is relatively cold. After the rain, people obviously feel Spring returns to the good earth., spring and spring is all over the human world, yesterday in Xiangtan under the snow, today the sun is out, the snow will melt.

Up early this morning, the sun is out early, so it was not what people uncomfortable, after today, as long as the work, always open the alarm clock, when used, can be a. Have the Spring Festival had slept late, and now want to wake up early in the morning NuHart

There are a few things to deal with today, one is the morning traffic court, two there are a couple of things to do today, after noon to go home to have a meal, I think there is a stock transfer disputes materials should also add, I think tomorrow morning can handle.

The day before yesterday to take stone, evening reading a few pages of the book, see Wittgenstein had a famous saying, a good man. Ludwig Joseph John Wittgenstein (German: Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein, April 26, 1889 - April 29, 1951), born in Austria, after the British philosopher, logician,, founder of the philosophy of language, one of the most influential philosophers in twentieth Century. One of the great philosophers, even to people a good life, must be justified, today the record.g-suite