only to fall to the ground

The sky is changing all the time, or just the cloudless sky, this is not just a fraction of a second, fire and rain. The bustling city streets, horn honking sound continuously, the person in the car rolled down the window, poked his head around, see the road has already been no sight of vehicle Wai was bursting at the seams, only anxiously looked at his watch, hand fiercely patted the steering wheel, took out a cigarette, mouth Diao since the pit-a-pat pumped up. Pedestrian jostle one another on the way the zebra crossing, carrying the seemingly some heavy bags, they hold the different colors of the umbrella, too busy to attend to other, to be in a hurry to depart.

In the spacious street, a small city occupation school, a group of men gathered in the corridor, leaning against the railing, quietly looked at the world, eyes a bit anxious, and there is some helpless. The hallway wall hung a picture of various gestures picture Robert Parker.

A young couple were under an umbrella, arm in arm, came up to us. Imperceptibly, the rain gradually increase, the boy a hand holding an umbrella, a hand to his girlfriend's shoulders tightly to his shoulder on. The girl's face began to feel shy blush because become, his lips parted in a shy smile. Two people with a whisper to one another, snuggle into this by some old school.

veuve clicquot Rain in April, not March rain. Rain underground, with girlish tenderness like warmth, but like the natural strong and vigorous youth, fall and fall. So, the sleeping earth awakened, stretch, unhurried change layers green clothes. A string of naughty but lovely raindrop lie on the green green grass, toward it blinked, reluctant to disperse.

A little girl like rain, from the corridor ran out, go to the rain, looked up at the rainy sky, in the joy I whim to hand to catch the rain, only to fall to the ground, then blossom everywhere.

Look at the water, the little girl began to lighten the pace, with great care to walk, lest they trample pain. Go to the school gate, dressed in a shabby blue clothes uncle in the rain bend, bent backs, hands trembling to clean up his fruit stand. Her light ran past, picking up on some poor uncle behind leaned forward. He looked back at the girl, what also didn't say, just in front of his naivete exposing two small dimples, the uncle of has a big smile on her face. At this time, the couple came to their front, indicating some gesture, a pink umbrella brand new to the little girl's hand.

At the same time, the school hallway. A group of strangers, and every man's hand is a colored umbrella, they tied up four fingers, thumb as a nod of the action, the face is showing a romantic smile.

After the rain, a rainbow oblique in the blue sky, several voices of birds hung on the branches, twigs and dancing in the breeze. It's body. Tree people huddled together, watching the fish swimming cheerful figure and glittering lake, invariably laughed.

This is a school for the deaf, this group of people here today has part of students is to walk out of here.hong kong property prices.