memories of the age of innocence

A small river winding its way into the distance between the valley stream, clear the river like a long mirror, reflecting the blue sky white cloud, the breeze blowing gently, the ripples on the river. Sitting peaks, like the one thousand fairy; Mountain flower open, such as dancing girl; Mountain tree standing, stick to the vows of eternal love with young. A brilliant autumn day the sun is shining, we several old his preteens boy meet to catch crabs in the river in the mountains fathers day flower


Warm sunshine in the body, from my heart to feel comfortable with the whole body; Spring breeze brought light fragrance, refreshing; Zhongshan from time to time there are several sound birdsong in the forest, grass added a bit more poetic. The river green green and full of exuberant vitality; The skeletons of don't know how old willow long hair, momaihanqing, seems to be telling of the water that the old cold to heat. We walked down the valley, along the river to the mountains. Move down inside, the road twists and turns, climbing, quiet and beautiful valley with infinite mystery. The river is flowing spouted, as if a carefree melody. I and several friends already hungry, took off my shoes, erase the socks, also took a friend with plastic bags carry, we have some cool just jumped into the water. Was the clear water, sludge on the moment, we walked in the river bed bluestone, find those who may have crabs hiding holes or tablets. We are constantly reading the green flag, pieces of tablets were we turn up and water leisurely, but can't see the shadow of the crab. We are all a little disappointed. There are two friend on shore, waiting for us a few good news. Very not easy I saw two turn up under a green flag is not too much of a crab, when I rushed to grab, before they are in the hand to follow the swift river ran away. Only to move on. But we have a classmate very experienced several inside, he quietly, slowly turning the slab, see the crab hiding place. Finally his surprise he gave a cry, we are quickly gathered in the past, he found his hands have been holding a green shell crabs! Eight of the crab claws waving at random, the most in front of the two clip like a pair of big pliers, open, want to flee for life. We put the crabs in a clinker bag and continue to search. After several failed, I also caught a small crab smoothly. Several other students also have some harvest italy holiday

Unconsciously, the sun has already climbed to the top of the mountain, we also into the arms of the mountains. The mountains towering ancient, all sorts of ivy leaves at the edge of the mountain climbing, not on the name of wild flowers sometimes biltong, sometimes is a attached to a piece. Like a piece of green brocade without rules with all kinds of flowers. Red is bright red red reddish, yellow with light yellow light yellow rhubarb, white and white to light white, was the flowers of the sea, the paradise of the worms, the home, the bird's hometown. The stream, castle peak as if like a jade belt, flowing down the valley. We had a try, to finally doesn't even have 20 crab caught, the in the mind a bit frustrated, and have been hungry. Back the shoes of the crab's classmate first said: "I walk, light call I a person back, I'm not back again." Said the sat down on a piece of stone, don't go. There are two said hungry cooing, get some what to eat. We age slightly larger inside said, in the mountains, also can get hungry? It's impossible. He called on the two large classmate, daring to nearby farmers stripped of the field a lot of potatoes, also picked a dozen of apples. We a few people in the river, lit a pile of burning potatoes to eat. 

Discovery Bay Hong Kong Time slipping away, the sun has to kiss on the top of the west. We have a handful of wild flowers in hand, some holding sticks, as a gun, with some clothes, some carrying crabs, along the curved river, and walk back. Water spouted flow forward, not only to drain away the childhood time, also ran away those memories of the age of innocence.