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TV Mobile Stand Although separated, but unforgettable memory is still clear 

There is a friendship no less than love, don't call ambiguity, called the blue yan, they may fall in love, tm may also like each other, but, for some reason they are not together? Perhaps they to the friendship between friends, not the pursuit of each other, perhaps to consider gay persuasion, they have no together. Perhaps for his future, he didn't want you to wait for him. Maybe they meet too early, do not know how to cherish each other. Maybe they meet too late, they already have another person around you veuve clicquot


Maybe you back too late, the other party no longer wait. Perhaps they each other in the heart of touching the other party, and delays in across the line. But even if they are not together, they still keep the relationship between friends. But their heart is clear, for the people, more than a friend a copy of you care about, it was little more than a lover, 

In the heart of every man in this life, have had such a special friend, very contradictory behavior. At first you don't want to be friends, but for a long time, suddenly found that would be best. His name is the end of the world for a long time! You would rather care about him, also don't want to close to! Better than they have a day will break up together. So would rather be his friend, each other will not be jealous, just can really have no don't talk. Especially in this way, you know, he will always care about you. Do not become friends, men and women when his special friend, what's wrong GEM blog

There is a person I like but cannot bear to estrogen ~ ~ 

Because you know that if they become men and women friends they can't hang like this without words, will be more care about his opinion of himself, 

Because you know that if they become men and women friends they will ask for more, want to possess oneself of, will be jealous, will quarrel... At the end of the may break up... So it is best............中醫針灸減肥