The most delicious instant noodles

He was a single father, raising an seven year old boy alone. Whenever the children and friends come back injured, he left for his dead wife regrets, they feel deeply, the heart was heard bursts sad hum iphone 3 cases.

This is he left behind children on the events of the day.

Because want to catch the train, no time to accompany their children to eat breakfast, he hurriedly left the house. The worry, the child has to eat, will not cry, the heart is always not put. Even if arrived at the working place, also from time to time to call home. The children are always very sensible to him don't worry. However, because my mind disturbed, I dealt with things, on our way home. Back to home child had been sleeping, he breathed a sigh of relief. The fatigue of travel, let his body weakness. All of a sudden be startled at is ready for bed,: under the quilt, should have a bowl of noodles overturned! "This child! "He is in a fit of rage, at the sleeping son, a beat. "Why not obedient, make dad angry? You are so naughty, the quilt dirty who want to wash? "

Digital Whiteboard This is after his wife's death, he first corporal punishment of children.

No, I didn't. "The child sobbed herself to explained:" I'm not naughty, this...... This is Dad's dinner. "

The original children in order to match the father time to go home, specially made two bowls of noodles, a bowl to eat, another bowl for dad. But because be afraid dad wanting it to cool down, he put it under the quilt insulation.

Father listened, not silently hugged the child? Looking at a bowl of leaving the other half has been swelling of instant noodles, ah, the children, this is the most delicious world of instant noodles!

Even the youngest child, also have their dignity, if the parents find the wrong child, be brave to say Hong Kong delivery Flowers: sorry!