wait for the most beautiful meet in June


Embrace a wisp of morning breeze into th

In the corridors of time, gently picked up the flowers weaving broken dreams, enjoyable life is the most simple pure white. See the scenery of the years, under the quiet peaceful, one layer in the branches, foil and appearance means the sun is shining. Hand through buckish, quietly hidden in the apex, good wait for a beautiful met with you. 


In June, is very beautifuscientific developmentl, white blue purple hyacinth, in my intoxicate bells, like elegant, gentle, full-bodied music, diffuse dye with the smell of fragrance. And quivering broadly petals, water lily, lie down on the never calm water, with bright light rendering by who, like a graceful woman, took advantage of the splendor of the flashing, pour the night is quiet and serene. 


In June, is very beautiful, covered with lichen and moss, meandering through in the courtyard, perhaps and bathed in the sun and the wind in dance, or subduction in the flowers blooming trees. There full of daisies and bluebells, with open, there are all kinds of flowers, ChuiShou into blue purple white pavilion, the firefly from the night dew. 


In June, maggie beauty is very beautiful, when it was coming from the deep, faint moonlight decorated with a piece of peace. Only rose, like a fairy to prepare a bath, remove gauze, show attractive posture, to the self contained air hard, to love and beauty of your soul. 



Fragrant is a good season, want to keep you, in the years of softness and wait you, in the flashy see diffuse the crack. With gentle fingertip, June chapter read slowly, word, a word, lean into QianQian jade means the Que deficiency of acacia. In the company of your invisible, in the in the mind have a graceful demeanour generated curling up with laughter, indispensable good pleasure. Even though wordless, these beautiful agreement, if also enters the flowering, in the heart of bank clear transparent overflow, dissolving into a miss in my heart the most deep feeling. 


I wish, in this season of flowers 4 excessive, in a fill fragrant lilac lane street, or be smoke-laden LiuSe covered with the green bridge, also perhaps is in a hazy jiangnan misty rain, I met you, and then meet me the most beautiful in June. Even, thin cold, lonely, let it be. A dream or a scene, I would like to perform with the most beautiful encounter, artificial tears feeling, taste in the world. 


Whistle buildings, flowers light undertone, ear. Landscape yiyi, back at all over the sky clouds, warm wind across my cheek, flickering light hair, close your eyes, quiet lie in your warm embrace, listen to your heart gently ticktack, feeling the warmth of love. Accompany you to see the most charming in June, to see under the curtain of the day is bright, use cool palm I cross your fingers, walk around the scenery beautiful corner, smelling the glide around the flowers, lost in this beautiful meet. 


The wind, walking quietly, quiet as the poem; Fog, light scattering, as a natural and unrestrained; Heart, a little warm, like a flower blooming. Ran aground a wonderful tendril dance, play a song the cheerful melody, beat to take my thoughts with you, wait for the most beautiful meet in June Voting System