the memory of aroma

From that one night, in a small corner of my gold and silver fragrant smell. And recently, see many cell wall filled with blooming honeysuckle. Gold and silver flowers, which a memory of aroma, and my feeble breath, awaken the sleepy memoryYou beauty .
So, I am on the road in a hurry to go to work, often out of time to stop, only to look at the flowers smell sweet honeysuckle. A few pieces of micro flap by silk flower, as if dancing fairy Xiafan slender, swaying in the wind. Gold and silver flowers fresh quietly elegant, flowing in the air, flowing in the wind, far and near. If you want to savor this rain fragrance, as if the alley with wine, strong but somewhat obscure, be neither friendly nor aloof.
See honeysuckle rattan the wall green, yellow and white flowers dotted the meantime, is a beautiful scenery. The origin of the name honeysuckle, probably because of the same flower vine can grow yellow and white flowers, this monoecious not cross phenomenon of human painstakingly carving, but natural formation. It is this yellow white apart, let them like gold and silver. Gold and silver, as a symbol of wealth, has always loved. The yellow and white flowers in front, fortunately honeysuckle name, for human like this gift, honeysuckle and whether they should be honored? However, honeysuckle is be worthy of the name. Still remember that a bottle of toilet water, honeysuckle, scents to drive away mosquitoes,let me enjoy the cool summer. The admixture of honeysuckle tea, ordinary tea more than a few strands of fragrance. Relying on honeysuckle fragrance, it is enough to make people love it, it is not the surface of golden gold and silver?
Gold and silver flowers, the once familiar smell, but inadvertently gone many years. Do not plot that night casual encounter, that we have never see. Then, with the gold and silver flowers meet again may be delayed for years, or even longer to expected.
The memory of the aroma, you leave, always quietly. The parting of the hurry, let a person forget the arrangement. However, most of the blame is, after all, has been wandering life, let me be with you encounter and separation of the homely food. However, once met, let us cherish today. So, I deeply remember this precious reunion, even though this again is again brief encounter, then, the next time we meet again the where? However, since again, just be glad. After all, I remember enough to comfort the Frence leave. But think back, this year the constant turnover of gold and silver flowers, do you still remember the scene and meet me? Perhaps, she can not understand, my grand mind istick 50w .