with your guardian flowers

armani sunglasses sale Memory in the University, the first is to travel to the Zhoucun streets. That day is Tomb Sweeping Day, the three day holiday than waste, will be a friend to visit the ancient town. Only the Qingming Festival have rain, we catch up with fine and dense rain, because we did not travel to stop, intermittent rain.
Confluent umbrella to the south gate, the bus did not wait too long, just the car a bit crowded, comfort each other "stood to lose weight, easy to enjoy the scenery". Cause I love the car can be change by looking at the scenery outside of the window, brushes, draw the outline of the late spring and early summer green darkens, surprise and moved the bud to stay put. Along the way, via several flower market, there will be very curious about how beautiful ornament for spring, summer. The person on the car is getting less and less, we from Zhoucun is also getting more and more near, the rain did not stop, the heart is excited.
That flash off, atrial rapid cooling, stop no record to street car, the two is the lost girl, before did not do any homework, this also means that we lost our way in the bus stop. Don't come here, you go. Sometimes the process is more important than, for example, go to travel.
The umbrella, stumbled asked to traditional way to passers-by. Zibo dialect and we cannot understand how many, very not easy to catch a guy, but politely that he didn't know the way. Through some messy selling clothes, simple in quiet little park, because the pedestrian street is not much rain, pavement some wet skid, chaffed arm through the bluestone paths, let me in the north of the town of Jiangnan taste smell, fresh and elegant.
Do not know how long to go, accidentally saw the ancient buildings, a little excited about began to review a richly ornamented building art. I put away the broken umbrella, since your door walked quietly, bud open catkins not defeated, despite such as silk rain fell in hair, dimly seeing you, as if a hundred years old friend. In a dream, you and I can have some memories buried in the pavilions, terraces and open halls, bigteco dc motor gear ?
The tea house, antique calligraphy and painting, silk cloth, true to life likeness straw villain, and fragrance full of fragile Zhoucun Clay oven rolls. You listen to the voices of flowers in the rain, I am in your house for furnace in the Clay oven rolls. Although the surrounding scattered tourists taking pictures, laughing, that moment I felt the air unusually quiet, like high school have a fever after infusion of vertigo before those few seconds, I looked at the people in front of me wobbly, but I couldn't hear what they were saying.
Did not see you, I don't know what color, now see the heart pain, missing is I most like grey, even two degrees below zero can engrave small painful tactile. Took fresh Clay oven rolls, I followed a friend to find a less cold embrace, in a corner of your but no, you did not recognize me cool like that.
Big dyehouse trees in spring, seemed to recognize the original old, the breeze blowing the leaves rustling, saying "you all right?" What answer does not seem important, important is that I had to come and see you, with your guardian flowers, green wood greeting, I just want you to know.
Listen to the corner of the blessing, the crickets seemed to soothe my not reconciled to, hiding in the bushes to see me off. I moved to this, decided to forgive you pretend not apathy. I think you a lonely rain time, bloom says I may still come back to accompany you flowers, moon.
The street vendors without a hundred years ago to peddle sound, no tea restaurants welcome visitors and see them off, no streams of people busily coming and going for a supply of sth. people, not bully molesting women beaten by the hero, everything is so quiet and peaceful, but a bit less vibrant. No conflict free happiness, I should be happy for you, but you can get used to that for people to look at peace?
GEM blog Sorrow is hushed into difficulty, I think I should leave, even if be as solid as rocks also one day be time to break up, in the long river of history you have with vigour and vitality of life, but you are getting older, eight businessmen has now become the world tourists, you get used to? We know, after I returned from a long walk, you will treat me to the old rite?