a few years ago

What a big rain! From night to morning, thick clouds long reluctant to disperse, heavy rain let them who live in the small long vacation to come up with pity. Tomorrow is Dragon Boat Festival, buy vegetables come back body cool and wet, the weather is unpredictable, also scorching sun yesterday and today is day cool like water, in the mind is muttered, discovers suddenly the door of the shoe ark, about two grass dragon boat, each two root thick grass dragon boat two clumps of wormwood and calamus, tied up a new straw. The rain streamed down the grass, the more clear. A burst of moxa and calamus are YaoXiang, let me feel refreshed. For such a big rain, Maggie Beauty好唔好 the mother dragon boat is up for sale!


Every year, the mother to the streets to sell grass dragon boat. Dragon Boat Festival a few days ago, my mother would pick out new straw is dry, a long, dry, good management, keep the grass dragon boat, each straw was selected, the focus on deep and meticulous matter always called me inexplicable moved. When I was young, my father in the northern coal mine coal, mother took me and brother struggling, but the mother with her intelligence and bear hardships and stand hard work, don't let's eat much. Shepherd's purse, wild celery, spring summer grass dragon boat, river snail, mussels, XianZi, phragmites communis, old ling of qiu dong, mother can seek to cash in on the streets. We grew up, the day is comfortable, can pick up the habit of wild market these early days mother remained down. Today in spring, the mother also had a number of wild artemisia, wild celery, malan, just wild celery and mother malan head has been planted in the field of retention, without full went to the village. Of course, mother to the streets will always bring some to us before the brother and sister. So we are living in a small town, also can often enjoy seasonal vegetables QingHuan.
Haven't been to the Dragon Boat Festival, the mother went often to the house, the river see her kind of wormwood and calamus, that look as if is to look at her carefully keeping of pets, with joy and mild. Ai herb to be wild, a few years ago, my mother ask to dig back to ai grass roots in the back of the toilet, every year, the crop, the more risk, the more the toilet after a large are all full, KeKe without spirit. Every spring, mother will pick on a few barrels of manure spilled in the grass, stay to the Dragon Boat Festival, the mother of wormwood branches thick, head high, leaf fertilizer, people in the village to ask mother for a few root, mother cheerfully to cut some distributed on neighborhood folks. Tsao cut down, mother will go to dead leaves one tear, use well water sweep away the dust of leaf, wash the tsao weeping, green branches and leaves of buoyancy with a layer of white fluff deep-themes, attractive. A few years ago, my mother is go to the village every river find calamus,Maggie Beauty好唔好 get up before dawn every time, for an hour, and mother would cut back a few bundles of calamus, each time all cut back calamus, mother is always covered in mud (mixed with sweat), a full face of smile. Mother did not eat breakfast, began to like trim vegetables for cooking calamus, wash the roots of the sludge, jian to dead rotten grass, hits the line. Then with straw tied two dual-purpose straw calamus and moxa grass, yards, bundles, mother often do her grass dragon boat is very serious and meticulous, as if to start with a sacred journey, will be a little slow. Mother always said: "just once a year, relaxed, the somebody else in the room is nice." Every mother's grass dragon boat, therefore, in particular, high demand, often behind the somebody else to go, but it is sold out in front of somebody else. Every mother like to leave a few selling to stand at the side of fruits, vegetables, acquaintance, certainly will leave two sent to his son and daughter. Later, the mother is on the house such as Thai canal has a number of calamus, can no longer find elsewhere, his kind of calamus is more strong. Actually, with the development of The Times, "the door hanging moxa, sweet family, eating zongzi, drink realgar" dragon-boat festival custom, such as more and more. Now many young people (especially in primary and middle school students) don't know some of the traditional festival custom, perhaps it is because some people like mother holding, some customs has been inherited from the silent in the mutual influence.
Mother every year to sell grass dragon boat, not only wormwood and calamus. With his mother and family rarely sell "grass", as to the scientific name of "le grass", mother also don't know, since always we call it the "grass", this kind of grass grow in the wild, candy, wasteland, river willfulness, cook more and more strong, so in the past, people plunge into rice dumplings with "grass". Remember when I'm ten years old, every year in April, her mother always have a few days to arrive early to go to the farm, cotton field, "21" cut "grass", where a day cut two bundles, tied to the bike after come back. The next day, I and my brother after school is to help the mother "grass", first pick, then drying and accept, such as dry grass and is a make a reed wall hanging in the kitchen. Before the Dragon Boat Festival, the mother will pull the grass "le" to the market to sell. "And" le grass together to sell and reed leaves, after the summer begins, mother often got up early to drill to the river of reeds, an early work can hit more than ten catties WeiYe, clean it with "le" grass to sell to the city. In recent years, the mother in the house of tanabe also planted "grass", and the grass is particularly strong reproductive capacity, each spring, can harvest a lot of "grass", as usual, the mother carefully washing, loving care, drag to the market to sell as usual. But fewer and fewer people buy "le grass", now a lot of people use rope to tie dumplings, although my mother often use "toxic, plastic grass not poisonous, boiled dumplings incense" such words to persuade customers, but many people still don't believe in "le grass" fastness and choose with plastic or shoe strings zongzi, in fact this kind of dry grass "le" after the plunge into dumplings boiled has deep trench, zongzi is really strong and has a unique vanilla, let alone the green environmental protection. But the progress of The Times for many good customs of cold and slam the door, only people like my mother, still struggling to stick to the "le grass", stick to the old tradition. Mother old, the home also not lack of money, should enjoy a comfortable life, but she would not listen to the counsel of their children, to give up her work for dragon boat grass planting and selling, thought of every mother pushing a car full of grass dragon boat, standing at the entrance to the central market sell, Maggie Beauty好唔好 be full of wrinkled face was for a sun tan black rod, messy hair is flying in the wind, seventy years old person alone to deal with the various customers bargain, even buy "mercy", my heart has could not say sorry, there are inexplicable moved. I repeatedly let mother don't sell dragon boat grass, and mother stubborn optimism always persuaded me. Mother said, now sell grass dragon boat people less and less, home to sell as much as they can sell, sell a few years, they don't sell any, wait until your grandson eating zongzi I'm afraid there is no grass dragon boat. When it comes to these, the mother's eyes reveal some helpless and sorrowful feeling.