meet, Xu is a bit careless

Meet, Xu is a bit careless, then became a bit more for him.
Seasons change, we are always difficult to in the first time into the season the lintel, always in the plum to open as far as know spring is coming, Maggie Beauty the trees wither after that summer was really gone, after the first snow that arrived in the winter, winter to spring, the volume of birds fly south, we like this. Plain and simple life in later years, Fanghua moment, but always felt everywhere fragrance.
Walking time alley, somewhat inadvertently, a bit cool, the sun is a reflection of the simple and beautiful smile, holding a small wish can also The End of Life at the end of the world, will all meet, as is the gift of God, the little beauty and joy is so stately sculpture in the round. Local flowers, deep in the years to come out at a colorful flower.
Shakya Muni said: "no matter who you meet, he is in your life should be, not by chance."
Meet, Maggie Beauty is in the season of lintel in a little flower, hover over the season, but accidentally fell into the house. Take root, blossom, results, but let the empty house rich multicolored decorations, butterflies, birds filled the ears, next year will usher in a new life, leaving many meet, writing more stories.
I am waiting for an innocent yet is by no means accidental meet, not only because of decoration of my house, is lit the hearts that contained many stories of dream.
Meet, is scattered in the time of the corner a simple - chapter, written in the youth age, but unexpectedly on the head page on a colorful story, touching the lonely years Miaoshang color, in the life of this very thick book fell in one stroke, then change the existence of life, even with an unknown ahead, covering the eyes, but if Gan yi.
Every story has an ending, every arithmetic problems have an answer, perhaps every kind of solution process, but the answer is only one, already doomed. Many or not, or the accidental meet, is to let the life regression are supposed to end, wait for content turns the star moves, and change, will become a period of history to be remembered Maggie Beauty.