dream Theme home


Dream Theme home, kung fu hong kong is always on my mind, I miss the hometown cloud. It is suspended in the sky looking up at the blue sky and white clouds. I will remove the last trace of heart trouble, lying in the fleecy clouds I doing sweet dream. I miss my hometown of rain, come with a moist wind, drops to arouse the fragrance of the earth, awakening of dry land lies the seed. So you followed the lead of spring wild goose, from south to north, from west to east. Among every piece of land, willow wheat sprout, green after the rain of the recovery of the earth, the vast field of boiling


I miss home breeze, you blow green Chunshui, blow green willow slightly. Wake up the garden claw onions, wake up dormant insects, so there are frogs croaking, noted the cricket sound. I miss my old house in front of the two old elm tree, it is a hundred years old, is now no longer a leafy. I miss my mother when the shadows under the trees do sewing figure, now the mother is over seventy years of age is no longer young. That tree old spiritual, I believe. The old bright tree! And you really want to go back to the dream matrix mini-i pro.
I miss the window into the shadows of the whirling and old train whistle. The branches of the swinging birds chirp incessantly. And station dispatcher issued in the big horn in shunting command, let me the most hope is the 12 point of time the noon whistle, run the table delicious home that dinner is waiting. The home rule is the grandma is not on the table, who also can not move chopsticks, is hungry. Chan also. All this will not be repeated, only the passage of time the eternal.
I miss the road, there are flowers with childhood partners, picking a sunflower leaves hat, holding wooden rob charge, buried mines dug traps into a lot of small trouble that a buried in the green curtain of the path, carrying my childhood verdant dream Office Furniture Hong Kong.