the wind in summer

the wind on the illusion of youth, through the colorful summer.
quiet village, of primitive simplicity, simplicity. A sweet and fragrant grass from the fragrance, everywhere filled with the intoxicating scent. In the empty lonely mottle bluestone alley, luxuriant weeds crowded with seams. To clear the deep blue sky, bright sunshine brilliant, blossoming clouds scattered embellishment. The village, as if is located in a beautiful dream company formation in hong kong.
wind, slowly blowing, disturbing the layers of back Yang Lake; lines, broken glittering shine. Secluded lake like a giant jewel, inlaid in the green of the wilderness. Happy fish in the clear water leisurely swim to find, smart body across a Zhuo Yi line.


the lake weeds everywhere too, spread into the village, into the jungle. In the light of the sun, green grass is green, green as jade, attractive. Anger brilliant flowers, to show its charm, add a different interest for the quiet village, attracted a small bee and butterfly.
the cool woods, birds in flying, occasionally heard a few birds, voices echoed in the empty forest. Cicada kept playing, what makes this one peaceful scenery vivid.
the dragonfly flew out, at twilight. Sitting in the hospital order village, looking at the bright sky. Now and then, Outsourcing payroll but could not fetter noise. The car on the road, engine sound in the howling, upset hot weather can not stop the conversation about the noisy.
gusty, billowing clouds in the somersault, such as ink dye water like head covered around, accompanied by the dull thunder, rain pouring patter. Suddenly, blossoming Yuhua bloom on the ground, converge into a stream of water, the collision in the city streets.
slap of rain flooded the city, covering the noisy, is be not easily won the quiet. People are imprisoned, walking in the narrow space, always feel boring and dull.
the wind, blowing.
the air more humid, elimination of dust bitter, cool horizon, full of past glory. And the rain, and people at one's leisure.
city of the night, the neon lights. Main Street building, reciprocating color again dressed in a city, and from the river people, although the light reflected beautiful figure in the flowing river, the water phantom, in the rippling water in confusing.
the wind slowly, over the summer, convey the illusion of youth, flying over the colorful world Dream beauty pro hard sell.