this is our bottom line

Always very annoyed look, so I want to write something.
And then you think, you are the first of several former I?
We always talked about love many times, and those so-called lovers too many road, hold a lot of times DSE Mock, been to many places, eat a lot of rice, there have been many times slapstick, finally turns away.
And the turn is a very cruel words, a turn around is a lifetime.
Your life only lasts for a long but dozens of years.
Always in the beginning, always refused to put, just standing there, just standing there looking.
But, looking around, tired, disappointed, crying.
Not mind not beautiful, only heart storage with too much sadness, one not careful touch, will tears face.
We all just passing through, pass by, stopped a little rest for a while, hit a person, shake the dust collisions, to continue to walk in his life track.
Before when I was young, not tears, tears of grown up, more and more. From time to time, would cry, very painful very painful appearance.
The shoe pinches, forever only you know.
Do you really put, do not care about, in love, the first person to leave, always high raised his head skull, left standing in situ, hard, his mind to hide.
Any not to be optimistic, start think not the result of love is worthy of collection, no matter what to start, to the last, don't hate, only to bless, to, only wish.
immigration to Europe These short meet love, from the initial Heartbeat thump, to the final goodbye also did not say on the loose, we are looking for, finding only, can rely on people.
Most want to see is the predecessor of the present, every gift will remember the special moment of it. These relics, only, will only let me see sad but increase.
But I do not want to throw away.
This is probably right, live a long time, we cannot tolerate, also cannot tolerate each other's shortcomings. We adhere to their principles, their own personality, not for the other party to change a little bit. This is our bottom line.
In the end, the two strong person, finally can't restrain, left.
Or, the time is short, the acquaintance is short, the so-called maintain love, just a title, and, what also do not have.
I just simply be attractive appearance, simply by his cold expression attract, not to consider whether he love you, whether you can contrast, he hurriedly wrapped themselves in. In the end, still covered all over with cuts and bruises.
No, that is a reason, an excuse, a gratuitous fuse.
Hope, everything in the next will be a little better, a little is enough. You can have a complete rely on. Instead of who is the former, and the former, or not Mortgage.