I like autumn

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Along the memory of the rope, often from my heart pulled continuously homesickness, cannot bind nostalgia ah. Homeland forever in my heart can not erase, however, the most unforgettable is when we eat a sweet bar, when I lived in the North China Plain, a small Chuang-tzu, the village does not have what special, no river flows from near the village, but I know she is leaning on the the backbone of crops on the people's. Many of the trees, in the village of swaying, summer birds singing in the field crops person harmony; quaint mellow, hard-working and poverty, but also filled with a self-contained
I like autumn, more like sweet stick in the autumn. At that time, the country's farming mostly sorghum and Bonzi, sorghum varieties are "separately and" left "hybrid Kanto from" stay slim, separately straw, straw pulp at maturity will lose moisture, dry, can't eat, hybrids was short and thick, the water was not less, but sweet enough to eat, but also easy to be lit long aphtha, so we do not eat; there is a wild sorghum, people call it fall sorghum, mature as long as touch move, grain will automatically fall down, fall in the land of the long, waiting for next year's regeneration, this is the woman's favorite, because, it "seedling" do brush pot "cooking with Chef" the good stuff, fields of women to fall break, full of geography to find. But we children doesn't like it, the lower half part is water, the upper half part is dry; our favorite is the stick a straw, corn into early two late stick and stick stick, early ripe early, the straw is nothing to eat the head, sweet bitter not bitter. It is the opposite of night stick, the main species called "red lantern", it and the early Bonzi is smaller than the head, ear is small but full grain, color orange red, exquisite smooth, very lovable, he is thfbe most mature late. At that time, interplanting night stick and mung bean, mung bean vines the whole stick to twisted into the ground in a complete mess, get a sweet stick is not easy, bean vines put bare legs we pull a, pain, each geography have look at the young strong men, such as have been caught the light was training meal in severe cases, the confiscation of the sickle and the basket, in order not to be caught, we are quickly drill into the ground, to taste, sweet juicy, looking at the kick, then remove the upper part, bitter throw away. There is a not long ear stick in the ground, the people called "a son", its water, sweet, not found, we have no time to go, everyone knows that do not allow to see green block in the fields, to Lai Lai also don't fall. Adults often teaches us, want to eat to eat a son, can not destroy the crops. In fact, people like us, every day in the next to the road have a sweet bar section. Then what else to eat crops person not boss, sweet bar is the most love Interactive Learning.
Out of the farm, we are not afraid of what, come swaggeringly to chew, see look at the young we don't hide, sucking get sweet stick thunderously. Also deliberately asked him not to eat the root, look at the young scolds us bastard. We Chuang-tzu away from the village far away, is five miles away, we each basket are inclined to put a few root, brandishing a, not stop chewing, and then put the white pulp, spit chewing net, a "white" behind the shed, eat cheek sore.
As the saying goes "wheat harvest tired dead, dead tired ox. Re a long autumn have in the past, in order to cope with the desire for sweet stick, we always choose some good sweet stick back home in cut the stick in the straw, and hid him in the haystack or firewood to keep sweet stick deep water in winter, we'll just take it slow, to digest it a bit like cow cud, province to eat, although water lost a lot, but we eat or flavor. Each year I am hidden, often in the small partners to show off in front of them, greedy, I became their center, some small partners greedy confused, then use the glass ball or with a wad of "gold" (also called the four angle paper, when we often play) to change, often they also play a buttocks guar. Do eat will hill, later, we had to go to seethe points to stick straw. The winter is over, what also not eat, is really endure thirst hungry. At that time, the children in the countryside even eat a piece of candy is not easy to eat, we have to look forward to fall next year, determined to multiple orage point.
We look forward to a year for another year, another year of fantasy.
This is a memory of my childhood, a brand, never let the sun and mooposit withdrawal.