another year of autumn curtain

Muqiu nearly, time to take a piece of the fallen leaves. Xu Nian falls, standing in this season to air, cold is the friend, loneliness is attendant, a sigh, where life is home? 

Being cold, this autumn, not what is different, the same wind, the same loneliness, the same people to car to rush, the same streets full of strangers

Sitting before the case, recalling the past, melancholy 100 turn, pen writing a few miserable, chunhuaqiuyue when become so lonely? The withered leaves in autumn are burning in a product, plum blossom, rose a few wisps of smoke into the night, drifting into the distant past. The helpless, is still lingering in my heart, only if the first sign of life, the more good, I do not know from what time to start like that sentence, but people michimoto volatile.


The vast sea of humanity, was long road, along the way, a hard course, how much snow precipitation memories? Much ink difficult to describe deep sadness? The wind gently, a sad song, sing the ancient world lonely, plaintive sad tune, no word, also can accompany me for a few autumn? Sad thinking touch, too much to handle, even if there are thousands of style, but with what people say?

In the still of the night so miserable, wine into the feeling of sadness words into war. Q-how can worry about, miss into poetry tears of thousands of lines. Huazipiaoling artesian water, a kind of Acacia, many sad, in the lonely words swipes paved Pianpian fragments sentence fragments. Before the case of Xuan paper and extension in the classical diction in the last rhyme, every autumn sad lonely since ancient times, meaning cold heart sad, lonely alone keep the lights, where is she? Looking at the starry sky, who can and I will that quiet chilly one one count? Who can be together with me to find that Acacia do?

The book of songs said: "the suitable word drinking, and grow old with you; a harp in royal, is quiet good". This is so simple, but my heart to sit. Never thought you Qingguoqingcheng appearance, only one person I can read your beauty, not for the solemn promise, not for the butterfly butterfly romance, only hope comfortable leisurely stay in love meet bald. The world of mortals baishang swim, to have a heart, the elderly not separation.

Walking in the falling leaves of autumn, dream time Dangqi in the years of vicissitudes, a person of Ukiyo-e Qing huan. A broken dream, a wisp of Qingchou, fall into the thoughts innu skin hk the fingertips dancing. A prosperous a dream season autumn dyeing process as. Hands and real, without all the distractions, please, give me a pair of wings, flying int