the movie was hurried

The sky is turning dark down out of the window, the day in a hurry in the past, and the night curtain in reluctantly, at the moment of the sky, somewhat lonely, perhaps is the sun had faded, perhaps leaves is the has yet to rise...
Is such a night, I went to see the film when he was in a hurry, haven't had time to read novels and dramas, just see the film. And the youth ", "Jane's you", youth drama series. Many people say I am too the van, this film is suitable for use the computer to see, actually don't have to spend money to go to cinema. But I was only love the movie, just like I like romance novels as usual. If you really want to give a reason, that is my breakpoint in youth is about to leave, want to recall more, also want to look forward to more best travel mugs.
And then the plot will willingly leap into my mind, just as they had written on a tree, said to be together forever. Promise is too young, but the future is too far away, a carelessly away game, can't find the direction of each other. Who is that walking is scattered, even the memories are weak. But even if the youth already was over, some memories also not salty not pale, with life, the more the farther.


That year, in a hurry we all too willful, don't understand love age, in after, perhaps is a lifetime of injury, like flipping a birthmark on the back, red glare. Perhaps, it is can not let go of the pain, longing for the try. Men and women, from the initial attraction for each other in silence, in the end of betrayal. I always think impassability, really, what changed, no longer pure. Until, she tortured himself for him; She said abortion, without anesthesia; She wrote in his book "no regrets dream destination, only hate too in a hurry". At that moment, I understand a lot between trance, only hate too hastily, time in a hurry, took away my love you; Feeling too in a hurry, could hold, then quietly leave, and I don't regret, the initial meeting. Perhaps, this is a kind of helpless to forgive. Chen found holding her cry, he also didn't see the words, he attached to her ears, he said that they have everything, but only a child. Have everything, perhaps the most important thing is done not have.
If can't be together to the old, stick to your promise, why, to bother her, is the betrayal and the leave?
In my impression, the most cruel story is, Joe came back from the UK to see their that night, five people together, should be happy reunion, only to uncover so many scars.
Essie Lin chia Mo completely rejected Zhao Ye, this deeply in love with her boy, and she will be saved up for years of sk yuan, compensate for all the store owner, combined with her feelings for hoslink. Looked at the boss depressed counted all begin with sk yuan, funny and sad.
And party Hui, drank a cup of a cup of wine, finally summon up courage, pulling for Chen says, start is good, don't break up well. Don't know whether Chen found love, also is in, only know that at that moment, he hurt deeply love his woman. That he in the memory of the last, remorse and guilt is always full of his face.
If the world really have karma, isn't it? Hui on him, after all is a first love, he said she was his land, and the girl singing with him, just to accompany his bird fly. Birds fly in the sky can't the rest of my life, it also need to land to rest. But party Hui is at the age of he wants to fly, rather than he wanted to stay, that is missing, the best time, met the most beautiful girl, heart is floating unwilling to stop. Miss is inevitable, also is a lifetime of regret.
Paris, the side of a red skirt Hui, face the problem of sister, did not language, she is just at the camera, smiled. In the world, still have what words, is like the smile, is enough to tell. If she said, I think she is that sentence "no regrets dream destination, only hate too in a hurry".
Only hate too hurried, hurried away and scurry story ends of movies, with my thoughts flying far away, far away. Holding his hand out of the cinema, the wind stroke, he clenched my cold hand and a warm current.
I not naive asked him again, how long will warm?
The rest of my life, I'm sure no sooner said than done.
The rest of my life, can how long, the days passed such a hurry, but this moment I was still holding his hand, even far away in the end, also won't regret it.
How far away, I started to put the plot, pessimistic again. I think we can go to the end, strip not ended, the lights decayed, holding each other, to this, we do not come loose!