facing the sunrise

Cut a love you of time and memory, with a cup of love the time you drunk, send a silk to your loving care, a section of your spring, save a part of your soul I encounter. Have your world, flowers will bloom for me; your memory, time becomes more sweet taste in my dream; have your care, I will wait for you to the old; you are the rain, under the umbrella of you is the most beautiful picture in my eyes, you are an umbrella the back of my mind the most warm happiness.
Eaves drop courtyard, rain green over red, in order to meet, waiting for you. This mood is always very beautiful, waiting, dragonflies have married; waiting, the morning mist into night, open the petals; waiting, wilderness covered with trees, watch the stars; waiting, stream into fireflies, light missing; waiting, butterfly suddenly old world, dark fall. Wait, is so beautiful, I also want to stand in the heaven and earth of the career, the seeds of Acacia grains of package, always ask you, always ask you..


How to want to meet you in the Tequila Sunrise, top sky Xiaguang complicated starlight, from the twilight of the dawn you refreshed from your nest out, and starlight in your eyes bright, the morning dew wet your black hair, sun Yinghong your beautiful face, cold wind blow fly you float in the skirt. Facing the sunrise, I come to you, my fresh eyes let you like Mu Qing Hui, my exquisite words make you sentimental unceasingly, my eyes are a Xiaguang, illuminate your longing heart; my face is a curse, shocked you anxious feelings. So, you and me, bathed in the morning sunlight, together toward the cloud region. "Jianjia gray, White Dew cream. The so-called Iraqi people, in the water side. Back from the whirl, the way is long. Back from the tour, Wan in the central water". A light Yau River, Dentist was removed from the sky flows and to, she is in heaven, the Milky Way scattered human, Kawazu Kiyoshi, herb desolately, blue grey, White Dew cream, find a piece of clouds for the boat, I leaned on the bow lookout from afar, I searched for the one you shared with me a Qing huan. So, you come, warm spring breeze will you regret my affection served on my heart, I had to see you looking for I found anxious and waiting, you come, you come, you sweep the wanton amphitropous reed marshes, a frost will you describe a white freehand brushwork, you took my canoe, head across the four of you and my heart is with the flowing river drifting into the distance. Ah! You're the Iraqi people, in the water side, I am the sentimental person, go upstream, to find my way. When met, her beautiful time, she startled colorful fleeting time, she is the Hong Qingquan flowing inside the eye, she is clever with the picture macallan whisky.