wind and rain away

This winter, sometimes sunny, I love bathed in the sun, I think the mood should be like this Yanggu as brilliant and right, but not so, sometimes will still be agitated... Can only say his experience too few of the reasons! Too many reasons may also experience.
Time really quickly, whether we admit or not admit, we have been changed, also don't know when we have a mature young face, I do not know is when, and left many years mark on my face Used to like in the quiet afternoon, or is the silence of the night, one after another sad music repeated listening, a sad words repeated surmise, quietly, hope I can write better words, like own heart entirely to this text inside sadness, I was absorbed in sad words, in the sad words for the memories of the past, the experience of another kind and true inner time in sad inside. Now, tired heart under a lot of pressure of life, not in this life of the country to fight, in the wind and rain away, burst to set their own reason, istick 50w to the life of a high continuous climbing.
Only a short while ago, always hope oneself with joy, and happy. But when I met sad things, just know oneself originally to happiness really is a luxury. As I was strong, I was just a very sensitive person, live inside the day may not feel out of their own happiness, because too care about every thing. Live every day, every day of our life experiences are the wealth, the more things I experienced frustrations more easily to be strong, isn't it? Experience sadness that is a kind of quiet beauty, is a reflection of a person in these examples of true inner beauty, of course, is also a kind of mature beauty. Understand the sad person, read a sentimental person, her emotion is most abundant, emotion is the most warm, the heart is the most kind-hearted.
Sometimes I like sad, my words may be a little sad. But this is actually the life of green leaves, like cooking must have seasonings, often inadvertently dotted with life, sad and beautiful. More than busy, I still like to write some text, let oneself have close contact with the heart, make life beautiful for spiritual enrichment, let the thought for the flow of full text. Write their own text, click into place mood. You? Is it right? In happy or not happy when you like me, write some of their own text interior decorator hong kong?