how can God so good

Hey, have you ever thought about? You don't know and he, in the same place library looking for as his own to take a short rest book. Then, over the rows of looks identical bookshelves, into a hidden and quiet corner. You gradually slow dowacross the rows of books carefully selected. A casual look up, you suddenly find you and he has only one row of shelves in the distance, "who is he, his stature high, to see his hair through the gap to fourth rows of shadow wrong wrong, what he looks like......" You light h......" You light head, bypassing the imagination, tiptoe slowly out of books. Contrary to expectation, you also to draw out the relative books, see each other, like the TV series in the formulaic plot.


But, now I am experiencing the same plot, but we in the relative position, but no pumping out the relative position of the book, I was a little disappointed, slowly moves to the right, he also came with the tacit understanding, as well as about, I became excited, and with some nervous. I can hear my heartbeat became very quick, more quiet here seem ostentatious, some bold. I took a book at random at, enjoy this we are aware of each other but so calm space, heart like wings, in the heart very excited.
I love drag idol drama, but my love is not staring at the television or computer review again and again innocently, not day staring at the roof journeying fantasy. I know, I'm not a born beauty beauty, how can God so good? Throw down a pile of white horse prince, then, coincidentally, one or two accidentally hit me. I love the only idol drama throb, that will be some emotion only when they are young, it told me, I was still young, but, I just want to know my own.
Now, too like to be alone, or to say, too habit is one of the state. To a stranger, and doesn't like he disturbs the current state of their own. Acceptance and rejection, contradictions exist.
Then a minute later, just a minute, I want to remember this feeling, is free and easy to leave. Leave him he looked like the space bar, I don't want to be him alone disorder Dentist .