and was admitted to the north

A while ago I watched Liu Tong wrote a book called "the youth who don't confused", today in listening to music radio, after reading his this book chapters anchorwoman, talked about most of the people in the youth is confused, who also don't know what the future of their own will...
Yeah, who's youth is not confused, just like me, although in most people attend to pursue postgraduate life, Dr Reborn in their opinion, our group's future may than other people more opportunities, more glory, however, their own now like in the sea voyage but lost the direction, is looking for the way out. Now as you pace yourself with, to test a certificate of qualification of teacher, usually on the Internet or learning CAD and various types of software, but do not know their own future will be what kind of comparison, really confused. In his book, I understand that although they lost, but each of them in the fight, may the purpose is not clear, however this does not affect their progress and improve themselves from various aspects, such as Liu Tong, he worked during the day, he wrote the words at night, he didn't want to survive only by writing books. The text as a vent their inner feelings of the tool, and later, he became famous, and his books then sold, this seemingly inadvertently deliberately. Although we are in the dark, but believe that as long as you work hard, you will live the life you want. If you don't work hard, always in the dilemma does not make any effort to get rid of it, after all, will stay there; work hard, even if the beginning may fail, but try, there is hope.
In fact, everyone's life is "crossing the river by feeling the stones Dr Reborn", nobody can tell you what the future is, nobody will understand guide your life the way, even if people do that would say you should so go and such, but it may not necessarily be right. Sometimes we have to follow the so-called success, but you will not them that way they go is not for you, your own life only their experience, is their own, this is called "fate". I believe in fate, I always like to put their experience to be decreed by fate, a volunteer as the college entrance examination, I with 2 difference with their report just miss the person or opportunity, and was admitted to the north, he likes everything to the north, and the awareness of the current boyfriend, and I was just graduate than the fraction line a high admitted to the graduate student, after this life, I put it down to "fate". Since it is decreed by fate, why go to the confusion it, go to face, all letting nature take its course!
Our youth may be confused, but as long as we have a grateful heart, optimistic and hard to face everything, that no venga when one so-called success one day, will have the life you want Dr Reborn!