Scientists have discovered

  that a small plastic ball can knock hard solid aluminum plates into dozens of centimeters of craters, so the impact is powerful. When an asteroid hit the gulf of Mexico 65 million years ago, the earth was covered by a cloud of dust, and the earth suddenly cooled into a snowball. In 1908, when an asteroid hit Russia's Siberia, a few square kilometers of the primeval forests disappeared, comet shoemaker-levy 1992 9 when Jupiter, a comet split up more than 20 pieces, each piece of debris on Jupiter form scar can hold the whole earth, and if any piece of debris falls on the earth, mankind will face extinction.

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  In addition, major astronomical disasters such as supernova explosions, cosmic ray bursts, and earth's magnetic pole reversals will push humans and all living things to the brink of extinction.

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  Explore a new world in space

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  Columbus discovered the new world more than 500 years ago, and 500 years later this new world has become the most developed country in the world. So it is with the exploration of the solar system. Scientists will continue to discover higher and farther "new world". Recently, the new horizons probe flew to pluto, showing a scene of "love." The discovery of a new world in the solar system is no less significant than the discovery of a new world 500 years ago.

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  In September, found that liquid water on Mars, scientists also found that the Martian atmosphere is very thick, ever likely to breed life, the future is not a dream, to Mars the rescue scenario is not science fiction, Mars is not far from the reality, humans will along to Mars, Mars, Mars and the veins of the Mars immigrants move forward step by step. Because Mars is the most earth-like planet in the entire solar system, the choice to go to Mars is not because Mars is beautiful, but to find a safe haven for the possible extinction of human beings. The discovery of a new earth-like planet by NASA has pushed the search for exoplanets one step further.