The bed in the bedroom

 is the largest furniture in the space, so the placement of the bed is very important, and the position should be placed in order to make the space reasonable. The bed can be placed by the window or against the wall. By the window, the window can be designed to move and push the shape so that it will not be affected during use. It can also be paired with a blind blind with good shading performance, so it will not affect sleep.

  2, symmetric placement

  The furniture in the small bedroom can also be placed in a symmetrical manner, mainly centered on the bed. The bed is placed against the wall and the other furniture is placed side by side with the bed. The wardrobe is placed on one side, and the desk and desk are placed on the other side. The overall look is more concise and spacious. Basically, most of the small-sized bedrooms are suitable for this.

  How to put furniture in the bedroom? Doing so doubles your home area

  3, grouping method

  Grouped furniture placement is common in large bedrooms, but it can be used in small bedrooms. The bed can be designed as a tatami, and the bookcase and wardrobe are placed on the tatami. It is also possible to design the wardrobe to be larger, embed the bed in the middle of the wardrobe, and the writing desk, desk, etc. are designed on the side of the wardrobe, and the connection is very space-saving.

  4, remove unnecessary furniture